Happy Nurses Day 2020 from CareerStaff Unlimited!

Happy Nurses Day 2020 from CareerStaff Unlimited!

Happy Nurses Day 2020 from CareerStaff Unlimited! We’re proud to be the preferred source of employment opportunities for so many of the nation’s hard-working nurses, and we ask our community to join us in saying thanks to all the amazing RNs, LPNs, LVNs, CRNAs and every other nursing professional in our network, and beyond.

And the celebration is just beginning. May 6, 2020 is National Nurses Day, America’s designated holiday to honor nurses and all the important work they do. Nurses Day kicks off Nurses week, a seven-day commemoration that concludes with International Nurses Day 2020 on May 12, the birthday of the pioneer of modern nursing and medical care, Florence Nightingale.

What It Means to Celebrate Nurses Day 2020

Because we’re a leader in healthcare staffing — and because we, like everyone else, rely on the help of nurses when we’re feeling less than 100% — we hold Nurses Day and Nurses Week in particularly high regard. And this year brings added urgency and importance to an already special time of year.

After all, 2020 has been designated the Year of the Nurse, a year-long event spearheaded by the World Health Organization (WHO) to honor “the people who devote their lives to caring for mothers and children; giving lifesaving immunizations and health advice; looking after older people and generally meeting everyday essential health needs.”

On top of that, 2020 will long be remembered as the Year of the Coronavirus. The emergence of the COVID-19 virus has disrupted global life and created an even more urgent need for nurses to care for the hundreds of thousands of afflicted patients. And, all across the world, people are expressing their gratitude to the nurses working tirelessly and selflessly to care for others.

COVID-19 Resources for Nurses

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nurses Day 2020 will see far fewer — if any — public demonstrations akin to the traditional banquets, parades and seminars normally held during this time of year. And that’s truly unfortunate, for this year, above all else, events have reminded us more than ever before of the important work nurses do every day.

Thank You & Happy Nurses Day 2020 from CareerStaff!

So, once again, THANKS to all the hard-working nurses across the United States, and the world — we truly appreciate you for the Trustworthy, Hardworking, Attentive, Nurturing, Kind, Superheroes (THANKS) that you are! In addition to everything else,

  • THANKS for running towards the line of danger when the rest of us retreat to our homes.
  • THANKS for holding our hands and warming our hearts when we’re scared.
  • THANKS for the sacrifice you’re making by working long hours away from your family.
  • THANKS for being a force in healthcare to hold our communities together locally, nationally and worldwide.

CareerStaff President, Josh Bellus sums it up for the entire team when he says: “I am beyond grateful for the incredible work of not only CareerStaff Unlimited nurses but nurses around the country. This week we celebrate you and your selfless dedication to those who need you the most!”

THANKS again from all of us at CareerStaff Unlimited! Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy Nurses Day and Week 2020!

Looking for a Nursing Assignment?

If you’re a nurse interested in helping facilities meet their staffing needs in the Year of the Nurse — or helping fight the COVID-19 pandemic in a facility that needs nursing professionals — we can connect you with great nursing assignments that offer exceptional pay and benefits.

We take care of our nurses, and we’re careful to keep them healthy. That includes making sure you have the equipment and info you need to deliver great care. It also means following strict policies to prevent infection and offering 14-day quarantine reimbursement. Read more about our COVID-19 policies and resources here.

No matter what state you live in, we can quickly get you to a facility that needs your skills and expertise — and we’ll cover all transportation and housing, too. Read more about the benefits of working a CareerStaff travel assignment here, or find an opportunity now.

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