Happy Labor Day 2020 from CareerStaff!

Happy Labor Day 2020 from CareerStaff

The end of summer is here, and with it comes another Labor Day — the holiday where most Americans enjoy a long weekend before the busy fall season begins. For many nurses, clinicians and healthcare industry professionals, however, it’s a day like any other, spent providing care to the patients who need it.

Especially during the year of Covid-19, this need for healthcare workers to faithfully report to work every day has never been more important. Front-line workers treating infected patients may not receive the front-page headlines they did at the beginning of the pandemic, but we know you’re hard at work, all the same.

And we’re here to appreciate the hard work and around-the-clock job being done by these selfless nurses and caregivers, particularly under extreme conditions. So thank you to the workers who are continuing to focus on patient care during the Labor Day 2020 holiday, and all year ’round. You are appreciated!

‘Let’s Not Let Our Guard Down’

As a reminder for Americans eager to unwind and socialize after a difficult summer, many city and state governments have issued advisories to the public, urging them to practice safe behavior amid the threat of a Covid-19 resurgence. Doctors and health department officials are offering similar messaging.

“We are seeing our COVID numbers going down, and we’d like to see them continue in that direction,” as Dr. Steve Shelton, an ER doctor and a leader of the Covid-19 response in South Carolina, told reporters on Tuesday.

“It is a challenging time right now and there is fatigue out there associated with it, but let’s not let our guard down,” he added.

“I understand that it would be really hard to have people come into your home and not hug them, not doing the normal things, not sharing out of the same salsa bowl and things like that,” Dr. David Hart told Las Vegas 8 News Now. “Nevertheless, the virus is still out there.”

Healthcare workers don’t need to be reminded to stay safe, of course. But for those working the long Labor Day weekend, some measure of reassurance may be gained from the knowledge that the public is more inclined to follow safe behavior in September than earlier this year.

“There definitely was a bump in COVID-19 cases after July fourth,” Dr. Hart noted. “Probably because of people getting together, more than they were before.”

We Have Covid-19 jobs for Front-Line Responders, and More

For our part, we urge our readers to comply with the doctors’ advice and practice remote social activities this Labor Day weekend. And if you’re a nurse, therapist, pharmacist or other healthcare professional seeking new career opportunities, we urge you to browse our list of available jobs, updated every day.

Because of the difficulties of Covid-19 and all the other challenges 2020 has brought with it, we have more jobs available than ever before. We’re particularly focused on hiring RNs, LPNs and LVNs to work in licensing compact states, as well as acute care/ICU/critical care nurses in general. We’re also urgently staffing respiratory therapists in Texas and nurses and clinicians in New Hampshire.

Needed: Acute Care Nurses

And if you’re interested in a front-line job in a facility that’s treating Covid-19 patients, we have a variety of opportunities for you (as well as a number of exclusive Covid-19 resources to help during your assignment). These opportunities are great for travel nurses and clinicians, or those willing to work in another city or state that’s in need of their help. Learn more about traveling here.

Interested in Covid-19 Jobs?

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