Happy 4th of July 2020 from CareerStaff Unlimited!

female nurse wearing a surgical mask with the American flag design

From everyone here at CareerStaff Unlimited, here’s wishing all of you a safe, healthy and happy 4th of July holiday!

We know how hard things are right now, for healthcare workers, and for many other people, too. And we also know — as one of the nation’s leading healthcare staffing providers, we know it better than most — just how much worse we’d all be if not for the selfless, hard-working healthcare professionals who are putting their own health and safety on the line each and every day.

That means all the nurses, doctors, therapists, ambulance drivers, administrative workers and everyone else whose dedication to caring for others is keeping us all going. These are folks that simply don’t have the option to quarantine during this dangerous time — and who wouldn’t, even if they could.

Kacie Post's latest motivational art piece celebrates the upcoming 4th of July holiday
CNA, OTA student, artist: Kacie P.’s latest motivational art piece celebrates the 4th of July!

These are people like Alexandra T., Josephine J., Kacie P., and Marchela S., our July 2020 CareerStaff Clinicians of the Month, who offer optimism, hope and skillful patient care to the facilities and communities they work within. Kacie, for instance, is not only working as a licensed CNA while studying to be an OTA, but she’s also been helping decorate her workplace with fun motivational art. To help engage her community, she creates a new drawing live on camera every month!

“The first drawing was such a success at the facility, they contracted me to complete a motivational art piece on the entryway sidewalk for the staff to see upon entering the building,” she told us. (You can see Kacie’s art on the right side of this page.)

“This pandemic has changed healthcare completely,” observed Alexandra T, LPN, another of July’s Clinicians of the Month. “We as healthcare workers have united together like never before. We have each other’s back, no matter the title, and we’ve banded together to provide the best care to our patients while also trying to stay healthy ourselves.”

“Each and every healthcare worker does an incredible job,” agrees Marchela S. “What you do does matter, and it does make a difference! Keep the good work going!”

Meet Our July 2020 Clinicians of the Month

Celebrate Independence Day with a New Career Opportunity!

So, as many of us prepare to enter the holiday week and enjoy some much-needed midsummer rest and relaxation (even if it’s indoors), let’s take a moment to recognize the hard work being done by the hundreds of thousands of folks working on the front lines of patient care during an unprecedented worldwide pandemic.

During any time, the work these professionals do is selfless and brave, and it’s even more so as COVID-19 cases surge again throughout the country. So once more, THANK YOU to all the nurses, clinicians and caregivers out there! Whether you’re working, celebrating or simply spending time with loved ones this holiday weekend, we wish you the very happiest 4th of July and Independence Day holiday.

And if you’re a nurse seeking a front-line job caring for coronavirus patients, click here for available assignments and a rundown of our COVID-19 safety policies. If you’re a healthcare worker looking for other career opportunities during this difficult time, we’re still staffing a wide variety of positions across the United States. You can check out our current job listings here, or click on the button below.

Thanks again, healthcare workers — and happy 4th of July from your friends at CareerStaff!

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