Crisis Nurses Needed: We’re Connecting 1st Responders w/ Urgent Assignments

Crisis Nurses Needed: We’re Connecting 1st Responders w/ Urgent Assignments

The global coronavirus crisis has hospitals and health systems working at top capacity, struggling to ensure that every patient receives the care they need. We’re helping them meet the challenge of COVID-19 by staffing hundreds of crisis nurse assignments in America’s highest-needed locations.

If you’re an RN who’s eager to fight COVID-19 on the front lines, America needs your help! We can help you become a first responder by connecting you with an urgent-needs crisis nurse assignment in or near your surrounding community.

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And if you’re willing to take the fight on the road, we can connect you with assignments in harder-hit states, too. Because the need to care for patients has become so serious, nurses and clinicians in good standing can now work in any state, so your license is good anywhere in the U.S. you want to work.

We Take Care of Our ‘First Responders’

Our promise to you: We take care of our crisis nurses. Make no mistake, we know how important you are, and we’re careful to keep you healthy during the course of your assignment. That includes making sure you have the equipment and info you need, as well as strict policies to prevent infection. We also offer full wages for nurses whose work causes them to be placed in quarantine.

If you’re eager to work a crisis nurse assignment and help out a community that’s struggling to stay healthy, please let us know on this quick form. No matter what state you live in, we can quickly get you to a facility that needs your skills and expertise.

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