Meet the CareerStaff Unlimited Clinicians of the Month for August 2020!

Congratulations to CareerStaff’s June 2020 Clinicians of the MonthPlease join us in congratulating Princie D., Faye W., and  Cheyenne H., our CareerStaff Clinicians of the Month! We recently caught up with each of these amazing LPNs to learn a little more about their careers, sources of inspiration, favorite CareerStaff moments and lots more. 

Meet Cheyenne!

Cheyenne H. started her career 3 years ago as a CNA, before becoming a licensed practical nurse in Florida.

“I first realized I wanted to work in healthcare when I was only 8 years old,” she told us. “As a child, I had severe asthma, so I was always in and out of different healthcare facilities. When my asthma started getting better, I decided that I wanted to be just like the heroes who saved me.”

True to her own experience, Cheyenne began her career in a pediatric day care center. “I love treating children and working in this unit put a smile on my face every single day,” she said.

A member of the CareerStaff Unlimited network for 4 months, Cheyenne is also going to school to become a registered nurse — and she credits her ability to do so to the convenience of working with CareerStaff.

“I’m proud of the fact that I am a young healthcare professional, and I’m still able to maintain my academic success, while also volunteering and participating in many hobbies,” she told us. “Working with CareerStaff has allowed me to have a more flexible schedule, which allows me to focus on school or other activities when I have to.

“Honestly, everyday working with CareerStaff has gotten better and better,” she added. “I would have to say my favorite memory working with CareerStaff occurred when I was filling in at an adult day care. All of the staff and clients treated me as if I have always been a part of their team, and it was, overall, just a great experience for me.”

4 Quick Questions

What’s the best part of your day? “After I clock into my facility and all of my patients greet me with warm faces. It’s hard not to smile.”

What’s the hardest part of your job? “Seeing patients endure almost unbearable pain. I’m always looking for ways to prevent pain rather than have to treat it in the future.”

What do you find most inspirational about working in healthcare? “Having a motivating team and seeing that I can actually help others in need.”

Is there anything you’ve learned over the course of your career that you think young healthcare professionals should know? “Over the years, I have learned that there are many ways to treat and appease different patients and that it is best to always have a positive attitude.”

Meet Faye!

A clinician for 13 years and a CareerStaff clinician for 6 months, Faye W. first realized she was destined for a career in healthcare when she was 6 or 7 years old.

“I started in the healthcare field as a home health aide, I then became a CNA. Now I am an LPN. I am currently taking classes for my RN and I am very proud of my accomplishments!”

That passion and compassion she brings, considering her calling more than a job. She believes the secret to being a great caregiver is to dedicate yourself to the compassion it requires to care for patients.

“I’m able to care and show lots of love to the people around me,” she says. “Don’t be a healthcare professional if your heart’s not in it. It will make both you and the patients very unhappy.”

4 Quick Questions

What’s your favorite memory about being a clinician? “Helping someone regain their health and allowing them to be able to go home to their family.”

What’s the best part of your day? “When someone says thank you for a job well done.”

What’s the hardest part of your job? “Having to call a family member and inform them that their loved one is passing.”

What’s your favorite memory about working with CareerStaff? “I feel connected like family!”

Meet Princie!

Princie D. has been working as a clinician for almost a year and a half, having realized from a young age that she “always wanted to take care of people.”

Princie joined the CareerStaff Unlimited network just as the COVID-19 pandemic was ramping up, back in February 2020. In the months since, she’s seen the effects of the coronavirus in many ways.

“Covid-19 has drawn people together to provide care for those in need,” she told us — an inspiring development for someone driven to care for others. To that end, she also points out the value of compassion to those who seek to care for others.

“You cannot learn to have compassion,” she said.

4 Quick Questions

What’s your favorite memory about being a clinician? “Having Alzheimer patients remember you.”

What’s the best part of your day? “Seeing the smiling faces of my patients and being the person who provides that smile.”

What’s the hardest part of your job? “Not being able to fix everyone’s conditions.”

What’s your favorite part of working with CareerStaff? “Having the support from the office staff.”

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