7 Ways Twitter Can Help You Find a Nursing Job

Looking for a nursing position?

Have you used the traditional job search routes but felt frustrated with the results?

Well, great news lies ahead! Job seeking has changed with the advent of social media, so you’re no longer tethered to the same old same old approach. Many people know that companies look at our social profiles before hiring us, so why not use the same techniques?

With that in mind, using twitter as a nurse can help you find a job that best fits your interest! Here are a few ways to find a nursing job:


Identify as a Nurse

Create a Twitter profile to use for your professional nursing experiences. By having a separate account, you can focus your activity toward healthcare.

When someone scrolls through Twitter, the bio is the first area they see. As with other social sites, you only have a few seconds to get noticed, so make it count!

The Twitter bio area allows 160 characters to describe who you are and what you do. Use keywords and add a hashtag(#) or two. Identify your title and education level. Display what type of nursing you do, or the area you want to work in. With the remaining characters, add something fun about who you are to showcase your amazing personality!


Profile photo and cover photo representing you as a Nurse

The profile photo and cover photo are the first things potential followers/employers see. Add a professional photo of yourself. It doesn’t have to be in scrubs with a stethoscope, though it wouldn’t hurt.

Next, define yourself as a nurse with the cover photo (the large photo behind your profile pic). Choose a photo that makes it obvious you’re in the healthcare profession. You can find tons of free photos on sites such as Pixabay or Death to Stock.

Additionally, you can use graphic design sites like Canva or PicMonkey to create a cover photo. Canva even has pre-built templates to use for any social media photo so you can be sure to get the right size!


Follow potential employers

Once your profile is set up, it’s time for the fun part; following people!

On Twitter, it’s acceptable to “follow” anyone, which removes the discomfort of connecting that occurs on other social platforms. Take advantage of this! If there is a hospital you want to work for, follow them! Find out who hires, who the charge nurse is and other potential colleagues and follow them!

Of course, not everyone is on Twitter, but you’ll find that many of the big health care employers have profiles. Following and keeping up with what is important to the company will do nothing but help down the road!


Use hashtags in bio and tweets

The next tip is to utilize hashtags (#). Hashtags are the lifeblood of Twitter! You can use them in your bio, tweets and retweets! There is a limit to how many you should use per tweet. Many social experts will tell you 1 – 2 per tweet is appropriate. Here are 9 popular hashtags to use as a nurse:

  • #RN
  • #BSN
  • #LPN
  • #nurse
  • #nurselife
  • #nursesrock
  • #hospital
  • #healthcare
  • #nursing


When you want to find more hashtags to use, you can enter a # in front of any word to see if someone is talking about it on Twitter.


Utilize “lists” to keep track of potential employers

Twitter moves fast! Once you are following several people, it starts to feel unorganized.

This is when you should begin using “lists”.

Lists help keep those you follow organized. Once you create a list, you can see what a certain group of people are tweeting about, which can help minimize the “clutter” of Twitter.

You can add people to lists based on any criteria. Lists can be public or private; when you add someone to a public list, they get a notification, which can be a great way to gain exposure!


Retweet and Tweet to potential employers

Whenever a potential employer tweets something you like, take time to “retweet” it. Showing you are engaged and retweeting about things that mean something to you can show a potential employer that you are staying relevant with your industry.

The person or company also gets a notification of the retweet, which allows them to see your name and increases their profile’s engagement; it’s a win win!

Once you feel more comfortable with Twitter, you can even start tweeting to potential employers. The healthcare companies who are active on Twitter will likely respond, which helps with name recognition!


Join Twitter Chats

Finally, find and join in on Twitter chats. Twitter chats are a real time “conversation” hosted by other Twitter users, companies, or brands. These chats move very fast, and are a great place to get your name out there and demonstrate your expertise.

Remember to use hashtags when participating.

Every time you take part in a Twitter chat, the “tweets” show up in your feed, so if you use #’s, people can find what you said long after the conversation has ended.

Here are a few Twitter chats you may find useful as a nurse:

Twitter is great for establishing professional relationships and engaging with potential employers to find that next opportunity. We hope this article has encouraged you to use all of the benefits it has to offer! Good luck with your job search!

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