How to Make Patient-Centered Care a Priority This Valentine’s Day (and Beyond)

It’s February, and Valentine’s Day is upon us once more. What better way to express your affection for the patients you treat than helping your facility achieve a greater focus on patient-centered care?

If that’s a task that seems easier said than done, we’ve got good news: Our suite of healthcare staffing and workforce management solutions is designed to give you the power to improve coordination, workflows, staffing efficiency, and a variety of other factors that help enhance patient-centered care.

With that in mind, here are a few key ways that partnering with a dedicated and proven healthcare staffing company can help you achieve the goal of patient-centered care.

5 Ways Professional Staffing Services Can Help You Achieve Patient-Centered Care

#1: Eliminate Gaps in Care.

One of the biggest challenges in achieving truly patient-centered care is keeping your facility staffed with the best possible candidates at all times. And that’s a challenge: From unexpected staff absences to unpredictable spikes in seasonal utilization, even the best staffing plan must constantly deal with labor force challenges that can disrupt the continuity of care.

Partnering with a dependable, proven healthcare staffing company connects you to a pool of high caliber, well-qualified nurses and clinicians across the United States. From on-call/per-diem nurses to temp-to-hire physical therapists and a huge variety of other nursing, allied and pharmacy professionals, you’ll have access to the workers you need, when you need them.

The result is that you’ll be able to more effectively respond to unexpected needs or utilization demands in a way that helps ensure continuity of care — an essential ingredient in the recipe of providing truly patient-centered care.

#2: Get Access to a Larger Pool of Healthcare Professionals.

To add to the challenge of ensuring continuity of care, the local talent pool may not always meet your needs. Perhaps you operate in a rural area that’s facing a shortage of skilled nurses. Or maybe your facility is based in an urban area where the top professionals can command a higher wage than your budget will allow. Either way, location can be a serious impediment to staying fully staffed.

A national healthcare staffing agency offers the perfect solution to this challenge. By giving you access to a pool of top-quality candidates from every corner of the U.S. (and available to your facility as travel nurses and clinicians) and the power to scale up or down at a moment’s notice, a staffing partner can help you better meets the needs of your patients, 365 days a year.

#3: Reduce Burden on Your Administrative Staff.

Because leading healthcare staffing agencies provide workers who are already licensed, credentialed, and informed about the specific needs of your facility, there’s also less of a training curve. This saves the leaders of your clinical team valuable time, which they can use on other tasks like improving workflows and making sure that transitions and coordination of care is at its highest level of quality.

On top of that, advanced healthcare staffing providers offer the option to participate in workforce management solutions that include other staffing-adjacent tasks such as:

  • Candidate sourcing, interviewing and onboarding
  • Automating invoicing, billing and contracting
  • Simplified oversight and reporting, from procurement to billing

Automating these processes not only delivers efficiency but reduces the chance of error and miscalculation. The result is a level of resource optimization that saves your staff time and can seriously reduce your expenses — both of which help you promote more resources to delivering patient-centered care.

#4: Improve Efficiency and Continuity of Care.

The Picker Institute’s famous “Eight Principles of Patient-Centered Care” includes a number of no-brainers, like emotional support and attention to physical needs. But this influential list of patient care guidelines also highlights some important operational goals, like ensuring smooth interdepartmental transitions and ensuring continuity of care.

These are goals that can be better met by integrating an organization-wide workforce management solution. By automating certain redundant administrative tasks and providing a means to optimize the resources at your disposal, you can free up more time for your leadership and strategic team to focus on important tasks like perfecting care continuity and the transitions experienced by your patients.

#5: Better Meet the U.S. Government’s Mandate for Value-Based Care.

Like it or not, value-based care is the future of healthcare, and a major part of new reimbursement guidelines from the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS). Even more to the point, a focus on the patient is at the heart of value-based care, which is explicitly designed to reward healthcare organizations for the quality of care they provide.

This focus on patient-centered care is emphasized time and again by announcements from the CMS and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The goal of the CMS Primary Cares Initiative, as the HHS states in a 2019 news release, is to “reduce administrative burdens and empower primary care providers to spend more time caring for patients while reducing overall health care costs.”

Those same goals — reducing administrative overhead and freeing up time for nurses and clinicians to focus on patient care — also happen to be primary benefits of partnering with a managed services provider (MSP). A dependable MSP partner offers all the benefits of top-quality healthcare staffing services along with a suite of added services like automated reporting, billing, contracting, and more.

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Deliver Patient-Centered Care, 365 Days a Year

Focusing more on patient-centered care is a great Valentine’s Day gift to the folks in your community, but it’s also much more than that. It’s also a way to ensure that you’re doing the best you can to keep the patients you treat safe, happy and healthy, all year ‘round, while also ensuring a better day-to-day working experience for your staff.

At CareerStaff, we’re proud to offer a range of healthcare staffing services that deliver all of the above benefits, and much more. With more than two dozen staffing offices throughout the U.S., we have the solution that meets your needs. Contact us here to learn more or get started today, or email or call us at 972-812-3200.

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