Happy Holidays from CareerStaff Unlimited!

Happy Holidays from CareerStaff Unlimited!

Happy holidays from your friends at CareerStaff Unlimited! As we close out a difficult 2020, we want to take a moment to thank you for the trust you’ve placed in us to meet your healthcare workforce needs. We’re proud to take a leading role in providing the travel nurses, therapists and other essential workers who are in such high demand across the United States, especially now that those workers are more in-demand than ever before.

For years, we’ve built our nationwide network of healthcare providers in dozens of offices from coast to coast. From Dallas to Boston, from Florida to Washington State and all points in between, we’ve established a presence in communities across the country to ensure quality of service no matter where our clients may operate.

It’s all a part of our commitment to continuing to meet your workforce needs in 2021 and in the years to come. Once again, happy holidays, and thanks for being a part of the CareerStaff family!

Manage Your Workforce Needs in 2021 with Healthcare MSP

As you know, providing even basic patient care during the holiday season means more than simply having enough workers on hand to cover every shift. As important as that is, it’s only the beginning. And yesterday’s staffing strategies simply aren’t cutting it in the face of Covid-19.

For that reason, many facilities have turned to contingent workforce services to help ensure optimum staffing during times of uncertainty. Thanks to our longtime status as a leading healthcare managed services provider (MSP), CareerStaff is proud to fill that role for hospitals and facilities nationwide with our network of travel and per diem nurses, clinicians,  techs, pharmacists and administrative workers.

On top of the benefits of staffing reliability, healthcare MSP also offers:

  • Integrated talent solutions. We offer a holistic approach to workforce planning and total talent acquisition and management, helping you maximize the labor supply chain for optimal efficiency and resource utilization.
  • Customer-driven account teams. We base success on achieving measurable outcomes against the stated initiatives of our clients.
  • VMS Implementation and management. We implement a web-based vendor management system to automate the sourcing and procurement of staff, compliance management, invoicing and reporting and other tasks, as needed.
  • IC compliance and payroll services. Our compliance evaluation is quick, easy, and free when we payroll your contingent workers.
  • Employer of record service. We’ll contract W-2 employees to your business under the terms of a standard work-for-hire contract.
  • Risk management and compliance. Reducing risk while increasing visibility and peace of mind in compliance and disaster response is a crucial part of ensuring the health and safety of your workforce.
  • Reporting and analytics. Enjoy greater visibility over the trends driving your success (or lack thereof) by tracking the data that matters, and then putting it to good use.

Ensuring ‘Residents and Patients Can Continue to Receive Quality Care’

During Covid-19, healthcare workers become in more demand than they’ve ever been before. Don’t risk a shortage — choose a partner that can provide the workforce solutions you need to ensure continuous high-quality patient care in 2021 and in the years to come.

“During this time of uncertainty, the MSP team have banded together to make sure that our clients were fully staffed, to ensure their residents and patients can continue to receive quality care,” as CareerStaff Vice President of Managed Services Kristin Counts recently explained in a discussion of how our MSP team has shone during the challenging conditions of COvid-19.

“Through this pandemic, even with our team being remote, we grew closer and came out stronger than ever before,” she added. “Not just the MSP team but CSU as a whole truly demonstrated our core values through and through.”

If you’d like to put those core values to work ensuring continuous patient care at your facility, we’re standing by to help! You can contact us here for more info, or submit a staffing request now.

Once again, happy holidays, and thanks for being part of the CareerStaff family!

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