#Goodbye2020: Closing Out the Year with the CareerStaff Blog

#Goodbye2020: Closing Out the Year with the CareerStaff Blog

2020 has been an unforgettable year, dominated by a global pandemic and economic concerns — both of which have deeply impacted the healthcare industry. Even as we celebrated a series of milestones as a company quickly dominating the healthcare managed services industry, we were also, like everyone else, faced with the tremendous challenge of dealing with Covid-19.

So, before we turn the corner into 2021, please join us in a quick look back at 2020, as reported here at the CareerStaff Blog.

A Month-by-Month Recap of 2020 with CareerStaff

January 2020

In January we stepped up our efforts to build an even more robust recruitment team with a call for new folks to join the CareerStaff family — a blog post that later went on to be among our most widely read of the year. And given how big a role our recruiters would play in ensuring a rapid response to Covid-19, that was definitely the right way to kick off 2020! We also offered a helpful primer on the difference between VMS and MSP services.

February 2020

Back in February 2020, the year seemed to be shaping up as business as usual. And that meant a reminder of the necessity of having a nationwide network of healthcare professionals available to meet your workforce needs. Even before the pandemic would bring the lesson home, we were advocating the benefits of partnering with a healthcare managed services provider to get that job done.

March 2020

In March, the novel coronavirus known as Covid-19 hit the country like a sledgehammer, shutting down not just professional sports and international travel but also elective surgeries and procedures across the United States. As a result, business continuity was suddenly in severe jeopardy for many organizations — a situation we addressed in our blog post, “How to Maintain Business Continuity during a Healthcare Staffing Crisis.”

April 2020

As the pandemic intensified in April, our Healthcare Leaders blog responded with advice on how to deal with the nationwide PPE shortage. Meanwhile, our MSP blog offered insights on “How to Meet Patient Demand for Nurses during a Pandemic.”

May 2020

Normally a time for celebrating the role of nurses in the global healthcare network, this year’s Nurses Day and Nurses Week were focused instead on the crisis facing the nation’s nursing professionals, many of whom were (and still are) on the frontlines of Covid-19 care. We also marked National Hospital Week 2020 in May, joining in America’s ‘Week of Thanks’ to hospital workers.

New Series: Meet the Leaders Behind CareerStaff’s Success

For Nurses Week 2020, we kicked off a monthly look at some of the leaders working behind the scenes at CareerStaff. Meet the leaders driving our success:

June 2020

In June, Covid-19 was on the rise again in many areas, leading to renewed lockdowns and restrictions. At the CareerStaff Blog, we took a closer look at how the pandemic was affecting nurse recruitment trends across the U.S., and what healthcare organizations could do about it.

July 2020

Even before summer rolled in, it was pretty clear that the future wouldn’t be so much about “moving past” Covid-19 as learning to cope with the new virus in a long-term sense. To that end, one of our most popular articles of the year was a guide to adjusting your healthcare workforce strategy to the “new normal.”

Infographic: CareerStaff Is a Great Place to Work
Here are a few good reasons why CareerStaff Unlimited has been named a Great Place to Work for the third straight year.

However, the real groundbreaking news in July was the word that we’d landed on the official list of Great Places to Work for the third consecutive year! A whopping 90% of CareerStaff employees say it’s a great place to work. That’s compared to 59% of employees at the average U.S.-based business, as per the official announcement.

August 2020

Our re-assessment of the needs of healthcare workforce planning in the face of the global pandemic continued in August, as best illustrated in this popular article extolling the advantages of healthcare managed services.

September 2020

In September, we celebrated Women in Medicine Month 2020, an annual event honoring physicians and clinicians “who have offered their time, wisdom and support to advance women with careers in medicine.” We also took a deeper dive into the numbers behind our Great Places to Work designation, with a rundown of top reasons why people love working at CareerStaff.

October 2020

Breast Cancer Survivor Jean
Meet Jean Leonetti, CareerStaff Account Receivable Analyst and three-time cancer survivor

As Covid-19 surged again in the fall and the challenges of flu season set in, our list of “7 Ways to Prevent Nurse Burnout & Compassion Fatigue in a Pandemic” was a timely reminder of how to maintain the wellbeing of your essential workers. We also marked Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a memorable chat with three-time cancer survivor and longtime CareerStaff employee Jean Leonetti.

November 2020

As the year drew to a close, we shifted our focus on preparing for the year ahead, armed with months of insights on coping with a global pandemic (as well as knowledge that a vaccine was on its way). If you missed it the first time, our article on staying on top of healthcare logistics in 2021 is a worthwhile primer on preparing your workforce strategy for 2021.

December 2020

We closed out 2020 with a series of articles geared toward helping facilities prepare for the year ahead, including a guide to workforce planning for 2021 and a look at how to adapt LTC workforces to the challenges of Covid-19. And after that, we offered up our exclusive year-end video that revisited the events of 2020 while repeating our thanks to the workers and partners who’ve helped us respond so effectively to the Covid-19 crisis. Check it out below — and Happy New Year from CareerStaff Unlimited!

Is Your Workforce Ready for the Year Ahead?

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