Why Should You Work With a Staffing Company?

There never seems to be enough time in the day when you’re a healthcare leader

After all, you’re balancing daily demands along with managing, supervising and leading staff to keep your company functioning like a well-oiled machine. Therefore, when you have an unexpected need for additional or replacement staff, it can throw a big wrench into your plans.

Ongoing changes in healthcare challenges companies to maintain and retain quality staff to stay competitive and grow. It can be especially frustrating when your efforts are wasted on inadequate applicant selection from costly ads, candidates failing the required screening process, or when your star interviewee turns out to be a poor performer. Recruiting staff can be a full-time job, but it doesn’t have to be your job. A staffing company can help reduce sleepless nights from staffing nightmares and let you focus on what you do best.

Your Time Is Valuable

You’ve always placed your trust in your employees expertise to do their jobs, so why not do the same for recruiting staff? Choosing someone who specializes in job placement in the healthcare field can save you valuable time by allowing them to do what they do best. This frees you up to devote your energy to other tasks and rest assured that your staffing needs will be filled.

Unlike many other positions, there’s often no one else in your organization that has the expertise to do what you do. Your work can pile up while you’re investing time:

  • Wading through resumes: Your time and money is spent in advertising and choosing candidates before you can even start interviewing. A healthcare staffing company like CareerStaff Unlimited targets relevant candidates and may already have a selection of applicants. This can enable you to focus on the best, and forget the rest.
  • Determining who makes the cut: Once you’ve chosen applicants, your efforts could be wasted if the candidate doesn’t pass the required screenings. Applicants are subjected to a rigorous background and skill assessment by the staffing company, which ensures they meet your requirements
  • Hoping you made the right choice: Hiring and retaining quality employees makes the investment worthwhile, but sometimes it’s hard to spot poor performers until they’re hired. Working with a staffing company can permit you to hire staff on a temporary, per diem, or contract basis.

You Want the Cream of the Crop

The shortage of quality healthcare staff has resulted in fierce competition for nurses, therapists and pharmacists. A plethora of companies are often competing for the same talent.

  • Don’t let your advertisement get lost in a sea of job opportunities. A staffing company often has networks to connect with job seekers you might not have found on your own.
  • You can skip right to the best candidates because your recruiter knows your company and what kind of employee you’re seeking.
  • They can be transparent about your company’s needs and match you with an employee’s expectations. It’s like a successful dating service without the heartbreak.

Your satisfaction is a staffing company’s goal. The candidates they recommend arrive competent, professional, and familiar with your organization because their referrals reflect upon them. They work as your partner to ensure that both the employees, and your, needs are met.

Your Employees Will Thank You

A good employee is the best investment. Don’t succumb to the temptation to fill the position quickly or you could end up with more headaches than help. While you’re seeking new staff your current employees might be putting in extra hours and risking burnout. Usually they want additional staff almost as much as you, but hiring just anyone could be a mistake for everyone.

  • Your staff will often be responsible for training and orienting the the new hire to help integrate them. A bad hire can result in decreased productivity and increased mistakes.
  • An unsavory new hire can be costly to your staff morale and result in the loss of other employees.
  • Ongoing turnover reflects poorly on your company’s image to job seekers, can burn out your current employees and waste your valuable time with ongoing recruitment.

Can You Afford Not To?

The recruitment process can be stressful to healthcare leaders, but it doesn’t have to be. Working with a staffing company can save you the trouble by helping match the right employee to your organization. It’s a win for the employee and the employer. The employee gains a company that meets their professional goals and you can rest easy with the priceless gift of peace of mind.

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