Thrive, Instead of Just Survive, With Your Staffing

Healthcare staffing needs can be as unpredictable as the weather.

The tedious process of advertising and interviewing potential candidates may tempt you to hire someone, anyone, quickly. A sudden need for staff can have employers hurrying to fill a position, but rushing might mean overlooking the applicant’s flaws and paying the price tomorrow for the time saved today.

Once they’re hired, if an employee doesn’t work out well, the money and effort you’ve invested may have you ready to jump ship.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hire an employee quickly, give them a trial run to make sure they fit in with your company and then decide if you want to continue working with them. Well, you can if you hire a contract employee through a staffing agency. Then they bear the responsibility of finding you the best employee, instead of the first employee.

Don’t Surrender

An unexpected staffing crisis can arise even if you’ve spent time planning staffing around vacations, sick leave and patient needs. When this happens you may feel as though you don’t have any time to spare, or that the task of recruiting, interviewing and hiring may not be within your area of expertise. There are a lot of necessary skills to master in order to:

  • Develop a stellar job posting with keywords to attract the best candidates
  • Know where to post the job, or have employee connections
  • Craft insightful interview questions
  • Know what to look for in unsavory hires
  • Select the best candidates and not just the ones that interview well

Don’t feel bad if this isn’t within your skill arsenal; you’re not alone. Many managers find this to be outside of their comfort zone or simply don’t have time to do it on their own.

This poses a problem because the longer the position is open, the more you’re investing in advertising and overtime while losing out on productivity. However, instead of waving an offer of employment at the first person that walks through your door, surrender your hiring headaches to a recruiter. They might be just what you need to ease the pressure, save you time and maybe even some of your sanity.

Discover Buried Treasure

The best candidates might not be readily looking for a job, but that doesn’t always mean they’re not interested. Your recruiter might have connections that you don’t to help find the right employee for your needs and not the obvious, or only, choices. A recruiter works as your strategic partner to make your business and growth objectives their priority. They don’t want to just provide you with an employee, but a workforce solution. Their job is to make your job easier by filling your vacancies with the qualified staff you need, when you need them. This can save you time in the hiring process when you don’t have to recruit, train and invest time with administrative tasks.

Your recruiter might already have employees looking for just what you’re offering, or they might know where to find them. They can weed out ill-suited employees and often discover promising applicants that may otherwise be overlooked because they don’t know how to artfully blend keywords into their resume.

Find Your Hero

If you’re looking for a staffing solution, and not just a quick fix, you want to ensure that your employee blends seamlessly with your company. Hiring a contract employee with a staffing agency provides you with an opportunity to gauge their true nature and assess their skills. If their personality is not compatible with your employees, or your culture, you’re not back to the drawing board, you’re just back to your recruiter. However, you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised because a contract employee:

  • Is usually specialized in their skill set, which can offer a quick return on productivity levels
  • Offers flexibility that can allow rapid assimilation into your company
  • Can pick up the slack to reduce overtime, and prevent decreased morale or burnout
  • May bring expertise your company might not possess
  • Might be a highly-qualified retiree looking for extra work

Show Staffing Troubles to the Door

Healthcare promises to continue to weather changes in the coming years, and you don’t want to be caught in the storm. Prepare for those challenges by working with a staffing agency and utilizing contract employees. They can help ensure you’re never left frantically trying to recruit and maintain employees to survive a staffing drought. Instead, your company can thrive knowing they have qualified, highly-skilled, flexible employees waiting to come aboard.

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