Leadership Spotlight: Ryan Taylor, CareerStaff VP of Operations

Here at CareerStaff Unlimited, we take great pride in the quality of our team and those who help to lead it. And few individuals represent that leadership like Ryan Taylor, our Vice President of Operations, who will be celebrating his 20th year with CareerStaff next year.

Because many leaders like Ryan work behind the scenes, we’d like to take a moment to shine a spotlight on the important work he’s doing and get to know him a little better. It’s all part of our plan to provide our clients, customers, employees and clinical travelers with the clearest possible picture of who we are, and what we do.

CareerStaff VP of Operations Ryan Taylor
CareerStaff VP of Operations Ryan Taylor

A native of Fayetteville, West Virginia, Ryan studied Business at West Virginia University. Two years after graduation, he relocated to Georgia and interviewed for an office manager position at CareerStaff’s Atlanta office. That was 19 years ago, and he’s been with us ever since, serving as one of the company’s key leaders for the past five years.

“It has been an interesting journey,” Ryan told us about his rise up the CareerStaff ranks. Shortly after joining the team in Atlanta, he began traveling to support other regional offices in operational activities, like payroll and collections.

“I then moved into a trainer role, and was asked to be involved in our first system implementation,” he added. “I moved to Texas in June of 2003 to work out of the corporate office and became the Operations Manager.

“In 2007, I moved into the Director of Operations role, and began working on a large number of projects for the company. From there, I became the VP of Operations in 2015 overseeing the MSP and Operations.

“Today, I oversee Operations, Project Management, Contracts/Paralegal, and Marketing.”

Inspired by the ‘Effort & Dedication’ of the CareerStaff Team

With such a long tenure with CareerStaff Unlimited, it’s a little tricky for Ryan to pinpoint one single moment as being the most memorable. “Being here for so long, it is hard to narrow it down to just one,” he told us.

“I would sum it up by saying attending the national meetings and trainings has been my favorite part of working with CareerStaff. Having the ability to interact with others across the company, whom you’d otherwise rarely get to see, goes a long way in building the type of company we have today.”

That sense of teamwork is also a big part of what keeps Ryan inspired on a day-to-day basis. “Seeing how hard so many individuals work in this company is inspiring,” he told us. “The effort and dedication that they deliver drives you to do the same.”

Yet as distinguished as his career at CareerStaff has been, Ryan’s cites his family as the accomplishment of which he’s most proud. “I am very lucky to have such a great wife and daughter in my life,” he said.

In his personal time, Ryan enjoys playing golf and coaching basketball. He also likes working on projects around the house and watching sports — “in particular, college football and basketball, and the NFL. Go STEELERS!”

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