Leadership Spotlight: Kristin Counts, CareerStaff VP of Managed Services

Here at CareerStaff Unlimited (CSU), we know that the quality of our healthcare workforce solutions is only as good as the people working behind the scenes. And we take great pride in the quality of this team, from our clinical recruiters and HR managers to tech and service personnel, and everyone in between.

We all know that the real heroes are the nurses and clinicians working to help keep people safe and healthy during these difficult times. And so, the folks who lead our amazing team are more than happy to work behind the scenes. But every now and then, we like to take a moment to get to know these leaders a little better. This month, we spoke with our Vice President of Managed Services (MSP), Kristin Counts.

‘Collaborative, Supportive, Unparalleled.’

Leadership Spotlight: Kristin Counts, CareerStaff VP of Managed ServicesAs Vice President of Managed Services for a leading healthcare staffing and recruitment provider, Kristin Counts understands the importance of versatility and adaptation — lessons that are particularly resonant in the Covid-19 era.

“During this time of uncertainty, the MSP team have banded together to make sure that our clients were fully staffed, to ensure their residents and patients can continue to receive quality care,” she told us.

“Through this pandemic, even with our team being remote, we grew closer and came out stronger than ever before,” she continued. “Not just the MSP team but CSU as a whole truly demonstrated our core values through and through.”

The biggest takeaway from this period of trial and uncertainty? “Together, we are exceptional,” Kristin said — then, in the true spirit of CareerStaff, spelling out CSU: “Collaborative, Supportive, and Unparalleled.”

Few people understand the CareerStaff spirit of collaboration and support like Kristin. She’s not only been with CSU for almost 17 years, but has served in a number of positions across the company, giving her unique insights into every aspect of the healthcare staffing business. Before becoming Vice President of Managed Services, for instance, she served as Staffing Manager, where she closely managed all functions of recruiting and screening, as well as overseeing billing and order processing.

A native of Barrington, Illinois, Kristin is based in the CareerStaff Unlimited Chicago office, where she oversees the entire nationwide network of managed services — a role she’s held since December, 2019. She also recalled learning about this promotion on what might have otherwise been an inauspicious day: “Good things do happen on Friday the 13th!”

Looking back a bit earlier, Kristin kicked off her career by studying Business Administration (with an emphasis on HR) at Western Michigan University. After graduating, she worked briefly in management at a retail pharmacy company. When she saw an opening for Staffing Manager with CareerStaff later that same year, she jumped at the chance to join the team — “and the rest is history!”

A Gift for Connecting with People

“I started in April of 2004 as a Staffing Manager of our Chicago office,” Kristin recalled. “I became the Area Manager in 2007 and Chicago became a top performing office for CSU for several years under my leadership. In 2014, we started our MSP program and I was promoted to the Director of Managed Services.

“When we went live with the MSP, we had just one client and three employees,” she said, charting the quick growth of the CareerStaff managed services program under her leadership. “We quickly expanded, and we now have seven clients and counting, and a team of more than 30.”

Thanks to a natural talent for engaging with people and building rapport — “I love connecting with people,” as she modestly puts it — many of those team members have become Kristin’s cherished personal friends over the years.

“I have so many favorite memories, where do I begin? From all the great places we have traveled together, meeting everyone throughout the company and learning from one another. CSU is my family away from home. Everyone is so amazing and supportive and I could not ask for a better work family and the lifelong friendships that have been built from my time here.”

“CSU is my family away from home. Everyone is so amazing and supportive and I could not ask for a better work family and the lifelong friendships that have been built from my time here.”

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kristin loves spending time with her family and friends, vacationing at Lake Tahoe and coaching cheer.

Finally, looking back on such an extraordinary career, what gives Kristin the most pride and satisfaction? “Hands down, my family,” she told us. “I have two smart, beautiful girls, Kylie (8) and Coco (5), with my husband, Josh. They are my everything!”

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