Healthcare Clinicians share what inspires them most

CareerStaff clinicians share what inspires them most

Kimberly D. Martin | Registered Nurse

My son, my husband, my friends and of course my patients.”

Ramona DeCamp | Speech Language Pathologist

“I am inspired by my friends who practice kindness and really care about people who
are struggling. These are people who don’t just talk about helping others, they are actually
involved in providing “hand-on” assistance in the form of food, clothing, furniture,
lodging and care.”

Napoli Oraha | Speech Language Pathologist

My faith and family inspire me. Through my faith, I am able to value each person
with dignity and love. I am passionate about serving each of them, as well as their
deficits, instead of focusing on their deficit only. I know I am called to be a speech
therapist, so my faith helps to provide a deeper passion and purpose to what I do,
and the obstacles I face. My family inspires me to work hard and serve everyone that
I can. My mom and dad have been models of serving, throughout my whole life.
Knowing also that I am able to work hard and help them financially, after everything
they have done and continue to do for me, inspires me to work hard every single day.

Robert Aims | Nursing Home Administrator

“Leading people to help people.”

Tina Jones | Licensed Practical Nurse

“My recruiter inspires me to do my best.”

Tawnya Petty | Licensed Practical Nurse

“My Lord and Savior inspires me. I don’t make a move without him. My family and
grandchildren especially and my mom, who thinks that I am the best nurse that
ever walked this Earth, besides her.”

Lance Gerrish | Registered Nurse


Joan Fredella | Nursing Home Administrator

“People who truly care.”

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