Healthcare Clinicians Share Their Favorite Work Stories

Careerstaff clinicians share their favorite work stories

Kimberly D. Martin | Registered Nurse

“One of my favorite work stories is working in my new work contract. Being a cancer survivor myself, getting to work with cancer patients really makes my heart soar.”

Robert Aims | Nursing Home Administrator

“I was called back to an account that I had served the year before. They loved me, I loved them, and now I’m back on a long-term basis.”

Tina Jones | Licensed Practical Nurse

“I enjoy when I work in one place repeatedly. The residents will cry when I leave and are so happy to see me when I come back.”

Tawnya Petty | Licensed Practical Nurse

“I have a resident who comes out to my med cart for her medication. This little lady and I bust our guts regularly from laughter while I am working. One time, she came out to get her medication – I said something silly and she began choking on her pills. I performed the Heimlich maneuver on her right there in the hallway. By God’s grace, my little lady survived and is still kicking around today. Whenever she sees me, she calls me her guardian angel and reminisces about me saving her life. We laughed afterward, and I asked her what grade she would she give me for doing CPR, and she said, ‘you get an A for angel’. That was very special to me and still is.”

Lance Gerrish | Registered Nurse

“One of the best parts about my job is that I get to meet new people.”

Joan Fredella | Nursing Home Administrator

“I have so many favorite work stories. I know that when a resident or family member realizes that I really do care and that I can help make their experience better, their stress level is calmer. When a resident or family member knows that I have listened and followed up (which is what I do), it makes all the difference in their outlook & how they feel about a community/facility.”

Napoli Oraha | Speech Language Pathologist

I began to work with a preschool boy last year who had Autism. He was entirely non-verbal. It was such a difficult case for me. Going into my second year working with him, he slowly but surely began to produce one word utterances (the first being “up”–as he loved to be held by his mother, and myself!) His teachers couldn’t believe it, and neither could his mother! She came to me crying. Now, this awesome and brilliant boy is making 3-4 word utterances, and his mother is so happy. I am overwhelmed with joy to see that hard work pays off. His mother gives me hugs and kisses every time she sees me.


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