Leadership Spotlight: Amy Elliott, West Vice President for CareerStaff Unlimited

At CareerStaff Unlimited, we take pride in the quality of our team, and the professionals who lead them. And because many of these leaders work behind the scenes, we’re taking a moment to shine a light on some of these important folks. As part of this Employee Spotlight series, this month we’re casting a light on CareerStaff West Vice President Amy Elliott.

Amy Elliott, West Vice President for CareerStaff Unlimited
Amy Elliott, West Vice President for CareerStaff Unlimited

As a key leader and strategist who helps guide our nationwide staffing and recruitment efforts, Amy has been a shining light within the industry for more than a decade, having spent some time in the world of finance before that.

“When I worked in the banking industry, a customer of mine owned his own therapy staffing firm and recruited me to come work for him,” she told us.

“It was a very big decision. I had a great career started in corporate America and the decision to try something completely new and different — and something that I was unfamiliar with — was a huge risk.”

Yet she took the plunge, and soon discovered she had a knack for the staffing game.

“I was promoted after six months and was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to start their first out-of-state office. I relocated to Chicago, and began to expand their business into the Midwest,” she said.

“I continued to work my way up within the company, and eventually left my VP role to join CareerStaff as Midwest Area Director. I have now been in the healthcare staffing industry for 13 years and continue to learn more about the healthcare space every day.”

Guided by a ‘Respect for Other Team Members’

Amy takes pride in her ability to recognize, develop and motivate talent, as well as her expertise in relationship building and business development — skills that have come in handy as she’s moved ever higher in the leadership hierarchy.

“I started in the staffing industry at the bottom as a recruiter and worked my way up,” she told us. “I have played many, if not most roles within the industry since then. I’ve found that it helps me to have a great understanding and respect for other team members.”

When it comes to her time with CareerStaff, Amy cites her favorite moments as the times — pre-COVID-19, of course — when the team would gather for meetings and conferences.

“It allows an opportunity to really get to know each other on a more personal level and we all have so much fun together. Lots of conversations, connection and laughs.”

‘Healthcare Staffing Is a Puzzle, and We Put the Pieces Together’

Having grown up in Canton, Michigan, Amy enjoys spending time outdoors and at the lake with her husband and her year-and-a-half-old twin girls. She also likes golfing and travel.

Amy tells us that her proudest accomplishments are “my career and my family. I have worked really hard to get where I am today. I continuously push myself, take chances and strive to learn new things. So far, it has brought me great things.”

And today, what continues to motivate Amy to bring her A-game to every aspect of her important job? She cites the power to connect clinical talent with the facilities and patients that need them as her biggest inspiration.

“The connection and opportunity we are able to bring between a clinician, their career and direct care for their patients. Healthcare staffing is a puzzle, and we put the pieces together.”

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