Delivering Better Patient Care with Healthcare Managed Services

Delivering Better Patient Care with Healthcare Managed Services

In today’s competitive, consumer-forward healthcare industry, facilities are under more pressure than ever to deliver great care. With their insurance coverage uncertain, and the cost of care front of mind, today’s patients are demanding more from providers — and most of the time, they feel they aren’t getting it.

A recent survey of healthcare consumers shows that the system currently “is not meeting the needs of the people who need it most,” as reported by Managed Healthcare Executive. Among the complaints are the lack of meaningful relationships with providers and the failure to provide services that are easy to access and navigate.

These are reasonable requests from patients — and for facilities short on resources, there’s an efficient way to meet them. By utilizing healthcare managed service programs (MSPs), providers can streamline a series of important processes into one single expense, making services easier to deliver for staff and easier to use for patients.

How Healthcare Managed Services Can Benefit Your Facility

Healthcare managed services provide, first and foremost, a more efficient way to tackle clinical staffing shortages. Facilities get access to the most skilled candidates in their area, by utilizing a streamlined online platform that gets them highly qualified and fully compliant clinicians with minimum hassle.

But that’s just the beginning. MSP also offers an additional, fully customizable suite of interconnected services to further maximize efficiency and help optimize available resources, including:

  • Managing existing relationships with third-party vendors to ensure fulfillment of open needs
  • Automated processes to simplify billing, invoicing and reporting
  • Full management of recruitment, rate negotiation and contracts
  • Risk management via compliance with HIPAA and other labor and regulatory requirements
  • Real-time data and reporting to ensure that staffing is always at an optimal level

All of this comes in a tech-neutral package to fit within any existing technological framework. It’s also fully customizable, providing the option to pick and choose the resources needed to shore up any existing gaps. And a single point of contact keeps things as simple and efficiency for full-time staff.

Efficiency Plus Patient Satisfaction Equals Value-Based Care

Add all this up, and you not only get improved operational efficiency, but also a way to reduce stress and redundant tasks for your on-site staff and providers, freeing them up to focus more on delivering quality care. And that, in turn, leads to the kind of patient satisfaction for which every facility strives. After all, a great share of the unhappiness that patients feel is towards “a system they see as profit-driven,” according to the patient survey cited above.

“As systems shift toward value-based payment and try to understand and address non-medical drivers of good health (i.e., social determinants of health), this kind of insight is critical to designing and delivering care that actually meets the needs of the people it serves,” notes Dr. Ann Hwang, director of the Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation, which administered the survey.

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