Saying Thanks to Nursing Assistants on CNA Week 2020

Saying Thanks to Nursing Assistants on CNA Week 2020

June 18-25 is National Career Nursing Assistants (CNA) Week 2020, a week-long celebration of America’s hard-working CNAs and direct care workers. As the folks who help maintain care in some of the nation’s most difficult environments — particularly in the COVID-19 era — we’re immensely grateful to these professionals and their commitment to amazing, compassionate, life-changing work.

And we’re inviting you to share in that gratitude during CNA Week 2020. Whether it’s recruiting a nursing assistant to help shore up gaps in your facility’s care plan or offering a heartfelt word of thanks to the CNAs already in your life, taking a moment to show your appreciation can mean a lot to these hard-working clinical professionals.

If you run or work in a nursing facility affected by COVID-19, you know just how important these workers are — and how short the supply is in these challenging times. With staffing shortages hitting long-term care (LTC) and skilled nursing facilities (SNF) nationwide, the need for reliable nursing recruitment services has never been so important.

How to Say Thanks on CNA Week 2020

Nearing its 50th anniversary, CNA Week is designed to give the nation a chance to acknowledge the work not just of certified and career nursing assistants, but a wide range of other caregivers like home care aides, long-term care (LTC) and skilled nursing facility (SNF) resident assistants, geriatric assistants, patient care assistants, restorative aides and other direct care providers.

Nursing assistants and direct care workers are professionals who typically — but not always — work in LTC/SNF and home-care settings. Yet they’re also prominent members of care teams within hospitals and health centers and a range of other facilities like schools, rehab centers, corporate settings and correctional facilities. As such, they’re not only integral, but often unnoticed.

“The nationwide observance of Nursing Assistant’s Week provides many opportunities to recognize and validate the role of the nursing assistant in the health care system,” notes the National Network of Career Nursing Assistants (NNCNA) proclaims on its CNA Day 2020 web page.

“Public recognition of nursing assistants provides a valuable service, not only for making nursing assistants more visible, but also, to lessen the concern by family members when a loved one is in need of special care.”

We couldn’t agree more! And in that spirit, we share a few of the ways that you can say thanks to the nursing assistants and other direct caregivers on your staff, as provided by the NNCNA. They also offer a Planning Guide to help you get the most from CNA Week 2020 and extend the celebration into the community — you can find it here. A few of their ideas include:

  • Display photos of CNAs on a community board/nursing station
  • Hold a brief awards ceremony to honor the assistants on your staff — the NNCNA even recommends inviting “your mayor and local and state legislators”!
  • Create a poster of thank you notes from patients, family members and staff.
  • Offer additional resources or educational options to assistants, like computer training, to help them expand their career potential

CNA Staffing Solutions from CareerStaff Unlimited

Especially at a time when many LTC/SNF workers are feeling unappreciated, taking a moment to show your appreciation for the nursing aides and other assistants and direct care workers on your staff can go a long way to improving the morale of your team (and quite possibly your care environment). That’s a good idea for CNA Week 2020, and every other week of the year, too.

If your facility is in need of CNA or other nursing staff, we can help! You can submit a nurse staffing request here, or contact us here to discuss how our nurse recruitment services and managed workforce solutions can help you meet your patient care needs, today and into the future.

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