We’re Hiring Healthcare Recruiters! Apply ASAP, Start Date August 10th!

We're Staffing Corporate & Healthcare Recruiter Jobs

We’re ramping up hiring to meet increased demand for health recruiters across the country (and especially in our Connecticut office). If you’re a motivated professional seeking new healthcare recruiter job opportunities, or if you’re interested in joining CareerStaff Unlimited’s corporate team in another role, we want to hear from you! We are looking for eight to 10 healthcare recruiters who can start by August 10th, with the potential to earn up to six figures. Pay structure is base salary plus bonus and benefits. Apply ASAP, as we are now conducting interviews.

At CareerStaff, we’re proud to offer nurses, therapists, pharmacists and other clinicians the assurance and convenience of working with healthcare recruiters who are motivated, proactive and passionate about their work. As such, we’re happy to extend opportunities to individuals who can demonstrate communications skills, an eagerness to learn and an instinct for relationship building, even if your experience in recruitment is limited. (A couple years of experience in sales or customer service experience is also preferred.)

We’ve also been certified as a Great Place to Work, and we offer an engaging workplace culture that’s fun and vibrant — even if much of the work may happen remotely while the COVID-19 pandemic lasts.

And, just as we do with our nurses and clinicians, we’re also proud to offer our recruiters and corporate team members a full package of amazing benefits, including medical, dental, vision, 401(k), paid time off, vacation days, sick leave, leadership training, advancement opportunities, a competitive bonus and commission structure and much, more more.

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Why Work a Healthcare Recruiter Job with CareerStaff?

If you choose to work a healthcare recruiter job with CareerStaff, you’ll be acting as our representative to nurses and clinicians in your area. As such, you’ll help develop and execute recruitment strategies, manage the local hiring process, process client job orders (including presenting qualified candidates), executing bill and pay rate negotiations, overseeing payroll processing, maintaining potential candidate pools and other related tasks.

You’ll also be working under the leadership of our Vice President of Travel David LeCours, a long-time veteran of healthcare staffing and one of the industry’s key thought leaders. And, during what’s becoming an increasingly difficult time for healthcare recruitment, David has worked to re-emphasize CareerStaff’s commitment to keeping America’s hospitals and healthcare facilities safely staffed.

“We are indirectly responsible for the care provided, in hundreds of locations throughout the United States,” David recently explained to the CareerStaff Blog. “Through this recent pandemic, multiple clients have reached out and shared that without our professionals’ support, undoubtedly more lives would have been lost. Many of our recruiters were also referred to as heroes. It really makes you stop and think.”

Indeed, the pandemic has taken its toll on the healthcare community over the past several months, as well as the nation as a whole — and we may still be only in its beginning stages. Through it all, the team at CareerStaff has been consistently connecting healthcare professionals of all types with facilities and providers that need their help.

And, while the bulk of that need has centered, understandably, on nurses and clinicians, we’re also now seeing a dramatic increase in demand for administrative workers and healthcare recruiters to work directly for CareerStaff. As David recently pointed out on LinkedIn, we’re proud to have hired more than 50 new internal employees during the pandemic.

“And we’re not even close to being done,” he added. “If you’re an experienced #recruiter, or have drive, enthusiasm, a great work ethic, and are #opentowork,” we want to hear from you, stat!

We couldn’t say it better than that. If you’re interested in exploring our many available (and urgently needed) corporate career opportunities or healthcare recruiter jobs, you can search all opportunities here, or submit an application here. And don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn for more insights and job alerts!

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