We’re Officially a Great Place to Work® for the 3rd Year in a Row!

CareerStaff Is Officially a Great Place to Work® for the 3rd Year in a Row!

Here at CareerStaff Unlimited, we take pride in connecting the nation’s best healthcare talent with the facilities that need them, in every corner of the United States. As such, we rely on the skills and expertise not just of nurses, therapists, pharmacists, techs and other clinicians across the country, but also the day-to-day team members who keep the CareerStaff engines running.

From recruiters and HR professionals to travel managers and communicators, the employees who manage the logistics of our nationwide healthcare staffing services are the foundation of CareerStaff. As such, we couldn’t be happier to announce that we’ve been named a Great Place to Work® for the third year in a row by those very same team members — a testament that they appreciate working at CareerStaff as much as we’re thrilled to have them aboard!

The award is a direct result of all the CareerStaff ingredients working so well together, from the convenience of our nationwide network of offices to the dedicated leadership of the CareerStaff management team. But most of all, it’s a reflection of the talent and spirit of all the professionals who work so hard to fulfill the CareerStaff mission, even during a difficult time.

It should go without saying that, like pretty much every other aspect of American life, healthcare staffing has faced significant new challenges over the past half year. And we’re especially proud of the CareerStaff team for stepping up and continuing to excel throughout the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. So, we want to thank each and every one of our team members, and offer an extra special thanks to everyone who’s supported us and offered a positive vote! 

Why do People Love Working with Us?

According to the data published along with the announcement, an amazing 90% of our employees say that CareerStaff is a great place to work, up from 88% last year. Here are some other highlights:

  • 90% of employees say that CareerStaff is a great place to work (compared to 59% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company).
  • 96% of CareerStaff team members feel that they’re given a lot of responsibility.
  • 96% say that when they joined the company, they were made to feel welcome. 
  • 95% say people that care about each other here.
  • 93% say that management is competent at running the business.
  • 93% say that they’re able to take time off when they feel it’s necessary.

There’s more: Just about everybody who’s worked with us have great things to say about the CareerStaff team. The nurses and clinicians love the camaraderie and good humor of the recruiters they work with, as well as the attentiveness.  

“CareerStaff gives me lots of attention,” said Josephine J., a CNA who was also one of our Clinicians of the Month for July, 2020. “They take the time, have patience, and make extra efforts to ensure effective communication.”

Olga Rodriguez, Director of Clinical Services, cites teamwork as her favorite part of being on the team, calling it “a reflection of a sound culture that exists within CareerStaff.” And we’re the “best company to work for!” in the words of Aimee Hackney, a CareerStaff Travel Nursing Payroll Specialist.

“Love my job and the people that I work with,” Aimee added. “Awesome work-life balance and great company overall.”

That enthusiasm is a huge part of how we’re able — even under the current circumstances — to continue to successfully meet our mission of keeping America’s healthcare facilities staffed and open for patient care.

In these unprecedented times, our employees continue to amaze us with their dedication to helping connect clinicians with facilities, particularly on the front lines of the pandemic. If you’re interested in expanding your career to help us continue to meet this pressing need, we’re always looking for great people like you to join our team.

Ready to join the team? If you’re in the market for a career change, we invite you to browse available CareerStaff job opportunities here.

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